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Diabetics and Nutrition

People who have diabetes have too much sugar in their blood. Managing diabetes means managing your blood sugar level. What you eat is closely connected to the amount of sugar in your blood. The right food choices will help you control your blood sugar level.

  • Path to improved health
    Eating well is one of the primary things you can do to help control diabetes.
  • Do I have to follow a special diet?

    There isn’t one specific “diabetes diet.” Your doctor can work with you to design a meal plan. A meal plan is a guide that tells you what kinds of food to eat at meals and for snacks. The plan also tells you how much food to have. For most people who have diabetes (and those without, too), a healthy diet consists of:

    • 40% to 60% of calories from carbohydrates.
    • 20% calories from protein.
    • 30% or fewer calories from fat.

    Your diet should also be low in cholesterol, low in salt, and low in added sugar.

  • Can I eat any sugar?

    Yes. In recent years, doctors have learned that eating some sugar doesn’t usually cause problems for most people who have diabetes — as long as it is part of a balanced diet. Just be careful about how much sugar you eat and try not to add sugar to foods.

  • What kinds of foods can I eat?
    In general, at each meal you may have:
    • 40% to 60% of calories from carbohydrates.
    • 2 to 5 choices (or up to 60 grams) of carbohydrates.
    • 1 choice of protein.
    • A certain amount of fat.

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