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All about Diabetes

Diabetes Myths

Most diseases are surrounded by a number of myths. This stems basically from ignorance or lack of proper information. Similarly, diabetes too has given rise to a number of imaginary beliefs. It is imperative to debunk some of these widely prevailing myths and present the facts about this sweet killer

  • MYTH #1 : Eating Too Much Sugar (ice cream, farsan, mithai) causes Diabetes
  • FACT: Diabetes occurs due to altered glucose absorption and uptake by the body.
  • MYTH #2 : There Are Too Many Rules in a Diabetes Diet
  • FACT: Eating every 2-3 hourly in adequate portion helps in maintaining weight and prevent diabetes.
  • MYTH #3 : Carbohydrates Are Bad for Diabetes
  • FACT: Cereals, high fiber fruits and vegetables are good quality carbohydrates that are required for maintaining blood glucose levels.
  • MYTH #4 : Protein is Better than Carbohydrates for Diabetes
  • FACT: 60% of carbohydrates and 20% of protein is required from the total nutrient composition in a diabetic diet.
  • MYTH #5 : You Can Adjust Your Diabetes Drugs to "Cover" Whatever You Eat
  • FACT: Most diabetes medications work best when they are taken consistently as directed by your doctor.
  • MYTH #6 : You'll Need to Give Up Your Favorite Foods
  • FACT: Change the way your favorite foods are prepared, reduce serving sizes. A dietician can help you find ways to include your favorites in your diabetes meal plans.
  • MYTH #7 : You Have to Give Up Desserts if You Have Diabetes
  • FACT: Make dessert more nutritious. Use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar so you can eat dessert.
  • MYTH #8 : Artificial Sweeteners Are Dangerous for People with Diabetes
  • FACT: The American Diabetes Association approves the use of several artificial sweeteners in diabetes diets.
  • MYTH #9 : You Need to Eat Special Diabetic Meals
  • FACT: There is no particular ‘diabetic meal’.A diabetic meal is healthy for the whole family.
  • MYTH #10 : Diet Foods Are the Best Choices for Diabetes
  • FACT: As with any food you choose, read the labels carefully to find out if the ingredients and amount of calories are good choices for you.

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